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Social Work Month: Miranda McClanahan

March 20, 2024

Carter Nursing and Rehabilitation is excited to highlight our outstanding Social Work team! Introducing Miranda McClanahan!

Name: Miranda McClanahan 

Years of Experience: 7 years 

What has ‘empowered’ you to become a social worker?: I began working in the medical field around the age of 19 or 20. Working clerical, pharmacy, etc., after my fifth year working long-term care pharmacy, I had decided to work on my social work degree. So, for me, the thought of advocating and helping others was the inspiration that empowered me to become a social worker. Originally, I began this journey with the intention of working in addiction but after doing one of my practicums at one of our facilities, my path changed, and I found how much I enjoyed working with the long-term care population. 

As we celebrate Social Work Month, what message or advice would you like to share with the community about the importance of social work in long-term care?: As I mentioned before, advocacy and helping others led me to this career.  As a social worker, I want to share with the community how important it is for long-term care residents to have someone to advocate for them. Unfortunately, not all residents have families or friends who are active in their lives. That is where we come in, to help and protect some of our most vulnerable population.